Maintaining and evolving the brand image has been my main role since I started at CDP, including redefining the brand guidelines from the core elements up and implementing an updated design language across a wealth of collateral, the company website and interiors of our new offices. I have also created two sub-brands for CDP, our thought leadership video series ‘The Innovation Stream’ and our digital prototyping platform ‘CDP Mosaic’.
Day to day, my role also includes marketing support for an active sales team with a strong event presence, I create event graphics and supporting collateral such as case studies to tight deadlines as well as social media promotion of the events and our speakers.
I oversee the production of a broad spectrum of digital and print media with a hands on approach, being heavily involved with many projects at a design and artwork level.
My role sometimes extends outside brand and marketing, being evolved in client work when my skill set lends it’s self to the brief given to CDP. This has predominately been packaging projects for FMGC goods for global brands.

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